unit 1 :: foundations of economics

Unit 1, Chapter 1 Resources

Scarcity and Choice:
 Factors of Production:


 Opportunity Cost:

Resources and Assignments for Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Vocab Activity

Chapter 1.1 – Assignment Factors of Production

Chapter 1.2 – circular flow diagram & scenarios

Chapter1 – Opportunity Cost Practice Problems

Chapter 1.3 Creating a Cost-Benefit Analysis Assignment

Chapter 1.3 – Assignment Production Possibilities Frontier reading and sample Q’s

Chapter 1 Quiz on Moodle

Unit 1, Chapter 2 Resources

 Resources and Assignments for Chapter 2

Economic Systems Chart

Chapter 2 – Free Market Capitalism slides

Economic Systems Moodle Post

Economic Systems Poster Link List: 0 Hour |  1st Hour

Capitalism Discussion on Moodle

Chapter 2 Quiz on Moodle

Unit 1, Chapter 3 Resources 

 Resources and Assignments for Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Business Organizations Slides

Chapter 3 – Business Organizations Practice Scenarios

Chapter 3 – Business Growth and Expansion Book Q’s

Chapter 3 – Growth Through Mergers Assignment (pdf)

Chapter 3 – Growth Through Mergers Assignment (doc)

Chapter 3 Quiz on Moodle 

Unit 1 Project Resources

Unit 1 – Create Your Own Business Project
Example Project – Bumpin’ Stickers
Example Project – Jet Black Sunglasses

Example Project – Shoe Locker

Example Project – Playmobil (Prezi)

Example Project – TooThirsty

Example Project – The Other Side of the Mirror

Post your Business Website Link to this Google Spreadsheet:

0 Hour  |  1st Hour  |  2nd Hour




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